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Some items can be made from gold alone
Some items can be made from gold alone There are four types of items you can craft with gold to make jewellery: Rings - which members can enchant with magic to give them special powers. Necklaces - which can be worn around your neck. Members can even enchant some of them! Bracelets - which members c...
Publish Time:05/27/2014
How to start Tribute to Guthix
Mod MayleaHow to start Tribute to Guthix: ??Speak to Memstix just north of Falador, by the lodestone, to receive the gifts. ??Speak to Runestax - in the same place - for more information on the tribute stone. ??Butterflies can be found throughout the worldRequirements: None, although only RuneScape ...
Publish Time:05/27/2014
Adventures in RuneScape
Adventures in RuneScape hindsight is a fine thing indeed. Adventurers of all shapes and sizes love nothing more than reflecting on their stats and achievements whilst also highlighting deficiencies, always looking for ways to improve. The Adventurers Log gives you a fully-comprehensive breakdown of ...
Publish Time:05/27/2014
Solomon’s General Store: Reflection and Hope
Solomon’s General Store: Reflection and HopeGreetings, adventurer!The events of The World Wakes will, no doubt, have far-reaching consequences . All of Gielinor will feel the effects, and I have garb in store both for those taking time to reflect, and for those whose memories spur them forward. Firs...
Publish Time:05/27/2014
Tribute to Guthix and New Combat Abilities
Tribute to Guthix (free players and members The events of The World Wakes have already made waves across Gielinor, and no-one has been more affected than Guthixs druids. Memstix and Runestax are spreading the word just outside Faladors north gate: extolling the teachings of their god and honouring h...
Publish Time:05/27/2014

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