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Adventures in RuneScape

Adventures in RuneScape

hindsight is a fine thing indeed. Adventurers of all shapes and sizes love nothing more than reflecting on their stats and achievements whilst also highlighting deficiencies, always looking for ways to improve.

The Adventurer's Log gives you a fully-comprehensive breakdown of your character's current statistics, as well as your immediate progress throughout the world of RuneScape. Players are able to look up their level, their rank and experience points whenever they wish, as well as the progress bars of skills they're currently training, quest status, their recent activity and more.

The Adventurer's Log also provides you with links to your friends' logs, and shows off their recent activities and achievements to keep you up to date. Adventurers are also able to compare themselves against other players, analyzing what areas and abilities they're excelling at and which areas need serious improvement.

The Adventurers' Log is the definitive character bible to gauge your progress in RuneScape. Use it wisely in your bid to become the ultimate warrior!

Publish Time:Tuesday, May 27, 2014

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