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Solomon’s General Store: Reflection and Hope

Solomon’s General Store: Reflection and Hope

Greetings, adventurer!
The events of The World Wakes will, no doubt, have far-reaching consequences . All of Gielinor will feel the effects, and I have garb in store both for those taking time to reflect, and for those whose memories spur them forward.

Firstly, I present the Vestments of Sorrow. This solemn - yet stylish - ensemble is perfect for the reflective vigil-holder.
Those looking forward to the future, carrying the tenets of balance in their hearts, should opt for the Vestments of Remembrance.
What’s more, for the true devotee I have more comprehensive collections available, both featuring exclusive teleports and a new emote.

The Robes of Sorrow Pack includes not only the Robes of Sorrow (much like the Vestments of Sorrow, but with recolourable areas), but also both the Balance of Nature emote and Heart of Autumn teleport. On the other side of the coin, the Robes of Remembrance Pack contains the similarly recolourable Robes of Remembrance, the Balance of Nature emote and the Heart of Spring teleport.

These items are available now. My store is always open, so please do drop in at your earliest convenience. If you wish to purchase additional RuneCoins, you can do so here or by clicking ‘Buy RuneCoins’ inside my store – and don’t forget that I offer a 10% discount to all members. Ah! Lest I forget - I have changed my monthly free members' item. Every RuneScape member may now visit my store for a complimentary Brutal Club weapon reskin. Be sure to visit and pick up this item while you can!

Publish Time:Tuesday, May 27, 2014

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