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Some items can be made from gold alone

Some items can be made from gold alone

There are four types of items you can craft with gold to make jewellery:
Rings - which members can enchant with magic to give them special powers.
Necklaces - which can be worn around your neck. Members can even enchant some of them!
Bracelets - which members can enchant for special powers and wear in the gloves spot.
Amulets - which can also be enchanted for special powers.

These items can be made from gold alone, but a gem is usually included (and the gold-only items cannot be enchanted). Gems can be obtained from rocks or as monster drops. Check our Mining guide for more information. Use a chisel (buyable from General Stores) on your gem to receive a cut gem that's ready for use in jewellery. Then get some gold bars and you're all set to make jewellery!

Go to the crafting shop in Rimmington or Al-Kharid and buy a 'mould'. If you're going to make a ring, you'll need to buy a ring mould, if it's a necklace, buy a necklace mould and so on. You can also get the moulds from the Grand exchange (obviously), and in the Crafting Guild if you have a crafting level of 40 crafting or higher. Once you have the mould you want, go to the furnace and use your gold bar on it. A menu will come up with the different items you can choose to make. You can also use the Pyrelord familiar, with the use of it's scroll it can be used to craft jewellery instead of a furnace!

Note: You can also craft gold jewellery without gems in them, however, this will gain very little experience and the regular gold jewellery are decorative only. Crafting silver would be a better alternative if you don't wish to use gems.

Publish Time:Tuesday, May 27, 2014

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